Friday, December 23, 2005

Lojas...on the move!

It begins!The night bus went well, and then I took another bus through beautiful scenery to Loja. Beautiful area, a bit more lush and tropical. Then actually started biking!! packed up and headed south over a small pass and down into a lush valley to Vilica bamba. Its a popular small town. Everything worked well and I was sooooo, still am, happy to be on the road again andmoving. I actually am writting this from back in Loja since I forgot to get some Peruvian $. I jumped on abus and will get one back in a bit. Anyway I will try calling you on Christmas but I might be crossing the border into peru or near the town in peru of Jaen (Ithink its called)Happy to be Happy! you´d love it here, lush and tropical

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