Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Illinizas scenery (Posted by Laura)

I got back yesterday after spending two nights up at the Illinizia´s at a dank hut. But It was a good time. I made friends with this guy Christian in Quito and he invited me to head up there with a bunch of other Ecuadorians, part of a club here in Quito. So there were 10 of us total. This is the place that Lisa and I went to about a month ago now (!) and had bad altitude problems. Anyway this time was fine and I had a great time. The weather was poor and We didn't summit Illiniaza norte onSunday, some very cool Canadians showed up at the hut on Sunday and we hit it off immediately and I decided to stay with them and try again instead of going back to Quito for more waiting. It was really good and some much needed male English speaking friendship! So we hiked up norte yesterday and had some good views but also the clouds rolled in and socked in everything again. But they are supposed to come up to Alaska in May so it will be fun to do more with them.Hopefully I´ll get that box today or tomorrow and will be on my way again. I found a company that had direct night buses and don't leave from the sketchy bus station so that's good news..anyway

I love you!

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