Friday, December 30, 2005


Friday Night...

Im in Leymebamba, a little town at the head more orless of the river I've been following. Its Remote!!this internet is one of 4 machines in the town hall of sorts. There isn't much here at all. Lets see, yesterday was a big day. I cruised down the huge hill back to the river and rode about 2 hrs to Tingo which is below the ruins. I checked into a quite little place for $3 and immediatly set off for the hike to the runis. It was about 12:30 and quite hot out.

The hike was a bit more than I expected!!everyone says 3 hrs and all up. but it ended up being 4500 ft of vert to get up there!! jesus! My knee was not too happy all day and I was expecting the worst this morning but it was ok. The hike reminded me alot of the upper sections of hiking the grand Canyon. The Ruins of Kuelap were amazing, I practically had the whole place to myself and it was very tranquillo...There is this huge massive outer wall then another inner wall, and trees growing everywhere inside it. Similar in granduer to several of the major sites ofmesa verde combined into one. The highlight I think was the Alpackas up there. I had fun taking photos and videos up really close to them. Then had a stumble of a hungry hike down and a bit of headlamp use straight to two big plates of chicken, rice and potatoes.

A sexy Alpaca at Kuelap Ruins in Peru...what a beautiful soft and furry animal. (Posted by Laura)
This morning I took it easy and cought up on my journal a bit and chatted lots with the woman who owned the place I slept at. Turned out that yesterday a 9 yr old boy was fishing and dissapeard into theriver, most of the tiny town were out searching... Had a lazy 3 hr ride up the canyon more to Leymebamba. The road has been pretty nice, by dirt road standards andit hasent rained in 3 days! Tomorrow I was originally thinking of just chilling out, but if the weather is good I think I want to get black mud pass over with while its Dry!anyway, tired and having a bit of intresting intestinal happenings..
Lots of Love! Eric

PS. might be camping for new years tomorrow night on the road to Celendin.

The ruins of Kuelap (posted by Laura)

The road to Leymebamba (Posted by Laura)

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