Saturday, December 10, 2005

getting things together

Well my shoes have left colorado and Dan sent apackage with a new pannier and tubes today, to I´m hoping by wednesday or thursday I´ll be off again. I hit a good bike shop here this morning and bought good gloves, spare spokes and brake pads. So I´m done with the search for everything (PHEW!!) a relief. No just have to wait. I think I´m going to head back to the Illinizia peaks where Lisa and I first had our boubt of altitude sickness. So I think I´m going to head up there and camp and do a peak, maybe head back into Cotopaxi park if I can hitch a ride. A little hard to come up with ideas to do when I´ve been in the area for a while (and malaria pills take 2 weeks notice, or I´d got to the jungle).So Thanks for all the good wishes. I talked to Lisa this morning and she made it back just fine last night, to a rainy anchorage, all the snow is melting!talk to you soon!
love Eric

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