Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So I'm still on the mend. My mind is willing my body foreward to do stuff I probably shouldent. But its summer damn it and its time to snap out of it. Have to weigh the benefits of mental health after a while of not getting out.

So I was pretty worn out after Eagle, but then went on a big slog this past weekend up the Burns Glacier near portage to try to climb baird peak. Intresting group dynamics, slushy snow and

Portage weather made for a long day. Tired, a coughing me again...

So what else is going on... I finally finished my pants. Gore-tex XCR, water proof zippers, seam taped and all. I figure they ran me about $70 in materials to make and they came out totally sweet. Here is my model shot...

and another .. oh yeah pure fabric goodness... eat your heart out arc-teryx

In two weeks from now Brook and I are heading to do Liberty ridge on My Rainier after Eric & Tracy's wedding Looking foreward to it!

So here is Liberty Ridge, its a classic Alpine climb of the Cascades. I'm Psyched for it but nervous about my health. Its odd when that is the thing to be worried about when planning a climb like this but its true, The actual climbing should be straight foreward, I can deal with weather, whiteouts and cravasses better than lung clogging phlem balls and sore knees.

Enough for now. if anyone has a vacciene for monster phlem balls let me know.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Comeback is here

Its a good tired. A tired I havent felt in a long time. The tired you get when you have to draw on some reserves.

Yesterday two friends and I headed out south Fork to climb Eagle peak. The weather was horriable, light misting snow and fog. Snow conditions to ski were also awful.. Undetered we made it out past eagle lake and camped up high in the first step below the flute glacier.

The fog was so thick we couldent really see what was what, spent the day going up the wrong gullies and sking on the flute glacier... jump ahead, alarm off at 5:00am, the morning is crisp and cold, the snow frozen with a good crust, it's going to be a good day.

We head up the east gully on Eagle peak. I feel quite good having not done any vertical orientated exersise in about 2 months. nice way to ease back into it... ha ha

I feel great and we are re-warded to the clouds clearing at the summit for literally only the 30 mintues we spent.

The photos should say it all.

Feels great to be back, Tired from the day, but re-enrgized by a weekend with friends in the big mountains. The knee felt ok, and I had a good amount of energy.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stupid Human Tricks

So just in case I needed a bit more things to recover from I added another to the list last night.
Playing living room olympics I managed to the the couch, foot rest, chair dive but missed the chair a bit and slammed my knee right into the arm rest. ouch. its exactally exactally where I didnt need to hit it, right smack dab to the left of my right knee cap, right where I have all my knee problems. So whats a bit more blunt trauma to the ole' knee right? Ice and bandaids. I really wanted to bike to work today too.
Sometimes I have to remember I'm not 15 anymore..