Friday, July 30, 2010

Falls creek wind fest

Ok so I got my camera back from Panasonic and after a 2 month hiatus this blog will now return to it's usual banter.

Dave twisted my arm to take advantage of the 6 hr weather window this morning to see some new terrain.. for me at least.
Started at Falls Creek and made a hard left to go straight up the ridge instead of the valley trail. The ridge does not mess around gaining elevation from the arm.

 Some curious Sheep:

The views matched the wind at times, both huge!
Linking up some stellar sheep trails.. they make the best ones out there.

Cruising the ridge after about 4,000' up. still windy!

With a constant blow of about 50-60 mph (?) here we decided to skip entering the vortex over south Suicide and bail on our planned route.

Dropped down to the head of Falls Creek and headed back up the gully on the left to the Indian house ridge in the background.

Back up to high sheep trail runnin'

and down the Indian house ridge (steep!)...
Thanks Dave, that was sweet!

Monday, July 26, 2010

when it rains it pours

Little bit of a radio silence for the last month, my camera has been dead and I've mostly just been running around the front range.

Feels like fall lately, cool and rainy.
Hike the ridge up Cummulus on saturday just before the deluge.