Monday, September 22, 2008

Moving and sewing oh my!

Its been super busy time since I've been back. My good friends Dan and Amy moved up from Colorado and arrived at my house less than 24hrs after I got back. Since then we've been looking for a place to live together since I need a heated work space for the winter and can't (or want) to afford it on my own. So it was a stressfull 2 weeks since everything was crazy and they were staying in my basement. I was generally an insomniac and sewing my brains off as well trying to catch up on work. bla bla getting ready to go to Interbike on Tuesday night among other things.

Anyway, here is the new Handlebar bag, fits up to a 20 degree sleeping bag with a inflatable pad. Its a front opening dry bag with a removable front flap / pocket system. I'm coming out with a new line of long awaited bags for the front end. stay tuned to the Epic site. cheers.

For people into Bikepacking.. you know like Dylan, he really likes bikepacking!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Posted some photos on the Lost coast site.
I really like this one:

its hard not to be a bit jaded after a trip like we had, coming home to bills, cell phones and too many other things to think about and keep you up at night. Still adjusting, trying to get back in the groove of normal life.