Monday, June 13, 2011

heading back to the beach

Once again I find myself with a bike box, looking at a pile of food and gear and a print out of my boarding pass to Yakutat. It's Roman's fault, he got a fat bike and proposed doing the southern route version of the trip Dylan and I did 3 summers ago. I had long thought of going back to Yakutat and pointing the tires south, one email is all it took so now that's what we are doing. The interesting thing is that there are 5 of us. Me, Dylan, Roman and from Colorado Mike and Doom. It's a fat tire wilderness bike packrafting gagglefest!!

should be awesome beach for at least half of it, then marginal, then tons of boating as we leave the outer coast and cross Glacier Bay.
Hope the weather cooperates.

I thought about doing a cool gear post of all the crap I've put together the last few days (frame bag drybag system, seam taped goretex paddling pants, modified rain jacket, new gaiters. It's been refreshing to actually be working on my own gear after not making anything for myself in like a year and a half.

But screw it, I'm not all that into geekery at the moment. been more into this.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Front range rigdes with Finn

It's not summer until you're up on Front range mountain ridgelines in a tee shirt.
To properly get in the summer groove I took Finn up Near Point, and up the North side of Wolverine and back over near point. Peak bagging with a baby is kinda like adventure racing. You don't want to stop since it will wake up the sleeping kid, If he starts fussing you go faster and see if the motion will soothe him back to sleep, you can't carry much food or water, and you're slightly more uncomfortable with the extra 16 lbs and bottle warming up wedged under your waist belt. If anyone thinks they will get out of shape once they have a kid they are quite wrong! With towing the ski trailer all winter and now hiking and bike trailer, I think it makes you stronger.
Up Near point, over the top, back the ridge to our first stop. Finn likes tundra and crinkly things.

Lucy mid nose dive into the snow:

Top of Wolverine, he started fussing big time once we hit the ridge but I just went faster and he fell back asleep. Success.

Finn was awake the whole way back, so we stopped a bunch.

He was not too thrilled about the moderately overgrown steep trail down N. pt. but he got over it.
Awesome day.