Monday, December 27, 2010

It's never too late

December 24th, latest day of backcountry ever.. but I've had good reasons. Really good ones.

Billy and I drove down to Turnagin an ended up stomping up the Freeway that is the Tincan skin track. I have not been on tincan in like 5 years in favor of all the other goods at the pass so it was fun to see the views again.  15 below in the valley so it was nice to get high and warm.

Down to business. Tincan proper. Droolfest line but are always sketched out by the ave hazard.  Things are quite stable so off we went.

Played tag with a mountain goat on the ridge! (photos by Billy)

 On top or Proper. I checked messages to make sure diaper changes were going smoothly...

Me off the summit. Hummm. reconsidering dropping into the face.

Super fun terrain.

Billy at the bottom. Basically you go right off the top then  bounce around on the small ridges at the bottom.

All the way back up to the ridge to ski Todd's run in the evening glow. It was manky but who cares.

That Thanksgiving rain crust is still out there!

anyway, better late than never. i needed a good mountain day, thanks Billy.

Monday, December 06, 2010