Saturday, June 23, 2012

I finally brought my camera

I've gotten really into mountain running the last few years. Linking up trails, ridges, tundra, goat paths anything goes. Run when you can, and basically tear it up. Somehow my body is tolerating it. Usually I don't bring a camera since I generally go to the usual suspects of front range peaks.

Friday was different. Perfect weather.  I played hookey and got Dave (fellow member of team Icepop) to sign up for linking a ridge together neither of us had done before. I brought my camera to try to give a taste for it. So here is almost 8 hrs of continuous movement with 2 summits compressed into 2 minutes. The route delivered!

and if you are reading this in Anchorage - forget about the lower Williawaw lake trail that goes under the ball field for the rest of the summer. trust me.