Thursday, May 26, 2011

Springing into Summer

Wow, has it been 2 months since I updated this thing?
I suppose that speaks of how f-in busy life has been lately. Time for blogging takes lowest rung with a 6 month old tearing up the Jumper-roo and everyone and their mother-in-law getting hooked on bikepacking. No complaints, just very little free time.

Some review...
Helped Dusty (resident bar tacker in training) with his senior project making a bad ass pack with integrated chest harness. He did everything I just chipped in half ass advice from time to time.

Finnster and I did some peak bagging in April, here is his first summit of Near Point

And up on the Knoya Ridge...

We all finally went up Near Point again...

Then the little guy started day care and Julie and I instantly got sick for the last 6 weeks. Not much to speak of there, lots of snot and the coming of summer.
Got a lot of work done though:

Went Hiking up out of Hope last weekend...

So that's the jist of it. Lots of little things rather than one big thing. Little adventures on a daily basis with Finn and learning how to be a parent.

I do however have a one way plane ticket to Yakutat in June and a new frame bag for my Pugsley. Coincidence? here we go again!