Monday, July 21, 2008

Hope to Kenai

Had a fantastic trip with Dylan on our little pugsley shake down. Technical singletrack, ocean currents, swamps, quicksand, river crossings, drunk rednecks and miles and miles of beach.
Full Story here:

Untitled from Eric Parsons on Vimeo.


Lindsay said...

Nice trip! I was one of the whackos dipnetting on the Kenai. :) Glad the bike was so much fun.

Michael Meiser said...

That video is ridiculous. I absolutely loved it. :)

Great bag system too. I'm checking them out. Currently riding a crosscheck, off touring today, planning on getting a karate monkey.

FYI, there's a bunch of Surly groups on including one for Pugsley. I've been doing a one man whispering campaign to get Surly to make a Xtracycle/ Bigdummy / Pugsley. In short and extra long Pugsley. I've seen one custom built before in Colorado. The guy called it a Chupecabra. Superb mame for it. Oh.. also one appeared at the last Homebrew Bike Show. It's the future pickup truck of bikes. :)

Anyway, I just love that you put the Pugsley to such great use.

I'm not sure if they exist, but sSomeone needs to develop a waterproof hub. Think of the possibilities of using the pugsley as extra stabalizing floatation.