Thursday, August 14, 2008

gear prep

Been really busy filling orders and trying to get my own gear in line for the beach ride. The unique nature of the trip calls for a lot of gear tinkering and since I want to not be as miserable as I was on Unimak.

The bike, rack added, disk up front, 22-20,22 gearing (yes 1:1!). Still have to take off the 30 t and put something more sacrificial as a bash guard.

Water proof camera case and bear spray bungee..

Hardrocks with mini-gaiters sewn on:

Dry bags and Dry bag & padded video camera case (stoked about this one!):

New Extension for my pack, the old 1.1oz Silnylon one died after 2 years and an encounter with a ski edge. This one should last much longer. Pack weight is only 23 oz without the frame sheet and lid which I'm not bringing:

Saving the best for last - The Malden windpro Fleece Ninja hoodie:

On another note I picked up some side work the last few days working as an assistant - safety for a commercial on the Mat Glacier. It was crazy. Euro clients with lots of money, Model / Actresses from L.A. $100,000 packpacks with motion picture lenses in them. Fun, hectic work for sure... Mt. Everest in Alaska..


FixieDave said...

gonna have to get a pack raft soon! Envyess of your upcoming adventure!

Jerome said...

Hey Dude, love the bike. I actually bought Dave's old one he built up and I'm waiting for some snow to give it a whirl in. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I WANT a pair of those gaiters ERIC! NAO!

Sacred Rivers said...


Unknown said...

Were did you get that hoodie! finding a ninja hoodie is impossible! please help?