Sunday, August 09, 2009

Emergency Overnighter #2

Sometimes you just need to call a state of emergency.
After both of us worked all day, the red button was hit and we headed out to the backyard starting at like 8:00 pm. Just wanted to get some air.

Up powerline..

Pitched the mid at the lake just below powerline pass, its actually starting to get dark at night these days.

I've been experimenting a bit with a really light 24oz Big Agnes down bag. It's great so far, warmer than I'd expect and packs to nothing.


one thing that must suck about being a dog - you never know if you're going to sit on the couch all day, or in this case - run downhill for 15 miles!

down down down.

The emergency situation has now been downgraded. But one never knows when it will arise again. Back to work.


madsolitaire said...

Dogs just love to be with us, whether it's just lazing around at home or running after us.

BTW, i have just received the bags. Love 'em. :-D


Kid Riemer said...

My emergency overnighter will take place this Thursday. I suppose knowing it's going to happen may make it seem like it isn't an emergency...but truth be told...I need this one badly right now. Beautiful shot on the masthead right now. Peace out.

Roman Dial said...

Your new banner is beautiful.