Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Mamma visits

Mamma Parsons is passing through town. She recently retired and immediately embarked on a 540 mile canoe expedition in the Yukon. Paddling down the Porcupine river and finally to the Yukon ending in Ft. Yukon, then flying to Fairbanks and taking the train to Anchorage - not the typical way of arrival for a family visit!

With strong paddling arms, we quickly decided to head out sea Kayaking.
Capt. Dano's Sailboat provided water taxi services out Resurrection Bay in style.

He Dropped us off at the Fox island spit

Nice evening paddling...

These basalt cliffs were really cool.

The Mamma in her element:

This was pretty amazing, paddling up to the head of a little creek amidst thousands of spawning salmon.

Made our way to Thumb Cove,

and did battle with the beach monsters!

The following morning we made an early crossing of the bay to Caines Head. The fog caught us in the middle, there was about 5 minutes that were pretty disorientating before we poked through it.

Looking back to Thumb Cove:

back in anchorage, The mamma gets acquainted with Luz


JordyB said...

Great post, love the photos!

Roman Dial said...

Great mom! you're lucky......

Kid Riemer said...

Have a great visit Eric. Nice, nice photos...particularly the one looking down on the boat in the salmon filled stream. Good stuff. Plus you are making me wish I still had my boats.

Taz said...

wait, is yur kayak wood or am i hallucinating?

Eric said...

its wood, not mine though, CLC kit