Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ram to Eklutna

The stars aligned for both the rain to stop and home buying & moving to be out of the way. Headed out to traverse the upper Peter's creek drainage with Billy and Yvonne following the huge ridge lines and bag a few peaks. Spent a night in the little drainage below Bee's Heaven. Met up with Abby and Steve on Sunday which was awesome.

It was the best hike of the summer, and one of the best hikes I've done in the Chugash.

Descending towards Peeking Mountain after climbing in the clouds for a few hours.

Dropping down to Peters Creek.. home of the big ones.

Billy near the sick line we skied this spring:

My camera battery died but it came back to life on sunday... traversing to Thunderbird after climbing Bee's  Heaven:

Following goat trails towards Eklutna Lake:

another never ending stretch of alpine ridge? yes please...

just an awesome weekend.

Billy's video: ( I think its the first time Billy chose louder music than I would have..)

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The Monkee said...

Nice! We hit portions of that (Ram Valley) all summer and the Bee's Heaven/Thunderbird ridge is on the platter for upcoming season. Good to see that it actually goes, not just in my mind.