Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy 2012

So it's been what, 5 months since I've updated this thing? Guess I'm not too into blogging lately. Maybe in 2012 I'll make more of an effort. doubt it!

Jeff, Najeeby Andy and I started the New Year off right. Temps never got above zero and the wind was brisk on the ridges but conditions could not be any better. Skied Todd's run on Tincan in perfect top to bottom powder. Then climbed up the left side back to the top and did one of the south face lines between Proper and the hippie bowl, superb conditions that felt like those sweet pow lines you seen in ski films shot in Japan, skinny trees, steep, tons of snow, you get the idea. Up again for the wicked gnar line (thanks Andy) to the road. Wore the big gloves all day and the puffy pants emerged from the pack quite a bit.

Mostly skinning photos, the temps & wind were not conducive for exposing flesh for photography sake on the descents.

Looking over to Eddies and Wolverine, Joe and Cathy are somewhere along that ridge.

Had some of the deepest, almost underwater blue tones today - yelling at you "it's faaacking cold here", especially later over the 20 mile valley.

Heading down the South side

Happy New Year!


Unknown said...

Happy New Year, Eric & family =) Looks like you had a fine day out.

Geargals said...

I saw you up top but didn't realize it was you - I was in the white jacket and blue pants and I pretty much ripped skins and headed down as soon as I got up there so I didn't talk to anyone (a little cold for socializing). After reading your post, I sure wish I had skied with you guys! Sounds like a great day. Bet it was cold at the bottom of Todd's.

Kid Riemer said...

Nice pic with the hoarfrost on the tree. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Roman Dial said...

Awesome frost photo. Publish that.