Saturday, January 19, 2008

nothing in particular

What the heck.. I havent felt like posting much lately. Lots going on for sure though.
I had another appointment with my knee doc. Its been swollen and quite sore lately, I biked around too much the other week in fresh snow and I dont think it was quite over the freak bowling accident. So he told me to stop biking again.. So Instead of giving up my bike commute I simply just quit my job. How's that for priorities!? ha! Its never easy but I think I'm getting better at quitting perfectally good Engineering jobs, this time it helped having a friend as a boss but more so something to do with the previous post...

At any rate, lots of sewing to be done before I leave next week for the Outdoor Retailier Trade show in Salt lake, should be a pretty crazy good time.. I've heard the stories.

No good photos lately so I'll leave you with this:


Unknown said...

please keep your eyes pealed for any mutiday mtb worthy stuff at OR.

Have fun

Hudson and Marcy said...

I wanna go with you!
Hope your knee feels bettah.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your funemployment Cap'n. Good luck!