Sunday, April 04, 2010

Falling water Valley

Billy, Dan, Pat and Todd and I went in to the Falling water valley to ski the chutes on Rainia's North Face. Great Day I've only looked into the area before from the mile high ridge. Lots of big terrain to be found.

The couloir we went up is the one on the left. Raina's main Chute is over to the left around the corner.

The view... what an awesome day.

Dug a pit.. found a funky layer 18" down. Continued booting up... was not feeling great about it dug another and found more of the same with pretty easy shears. We called it about 2/3rds of the way, just before the angle kicked up some more.

At the bottom we ran into Viking, Nora, Dave, Mel and Cathy. They came in from Ram Valley and skied the main Chute. Awesome! It was good to be back into the sun. I had Peeking on my brain so headed up the basin further. Trying to keep motivation going. :)
 It was just Billy and I that headed up the next gully, nice sun crust corn for skinning.

 Finally out of the chute and up onto Peeking's West face. The snow changed dramatically from spring corn - a deep winter snowpack.
We stopped shy of the summit, too early for this stuff at 6,500'. 

Nice turns in the cooler... nice views too.

Viva spring in the Chugash!!

update - Billy's photos here


William Finley said...

Holy Exposure from your high point! I think I was booting down as fast as possible when you took that movie.

Eric said...

yeah, we did not need to talk much about it that's for sure!

~ Sheepheads said...

Nice post.