Friday, April 02, 2010

this and that,

ot much exciting lately.
This has been the view for the most part:

Aside from wildlife viewing a lot got sewn together this week.
I set up to do a batch cutting job with more layers than I'd ever cut with my little electric 3" blade... It got hot fast and reminded me of that smell when you're mixing cookie douugh with a cheap-o mixer... not good.
It was a good excuse to try out my latest ebay impulse purchase. It's a little ahead of it's time for sure but I like buying cool industrial equipment.  Think chop saw with a razor blade for fabric:

It worked but it was like gardening with a bulldozer... over gunned, needed more layers and weight. Back to smokin' little blue.

Did I mention it's Friday?

Enough shop stuff.  I got some fun Press lately. The first was west coast based Momentum magazine, they got wind of the pugsley beach trips and did a little blurb. Here is the web link.

Alaska Airlines magazine also did a breif profile of Epic Designs this month with a few other local business big and small.  It's short and sweet, but I had to laugh however at the caption for the photo.
If you're flying this month you'll see what I mean.

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