Monday, April 26, 2010


Big Day, 2 huge lines, stellar weather, great snow, 3 valley traverse. Simply one of the best backcountry days I've ever had.

Billy's vid:

Up Raina from Ram Valley:

Upper Peters Creek!!!!!!! BIG MOUNTAINS!

Jeff dropping into the Raina Chute:
Jeff in his element...

Back up  the south side of Peeking. baking sun, sticky snow. Was glad to get this one done with. de-ja vu from a few weeks ago

Looking down the Peeking cooler.  umm we're skiing what? Huge, intimidating and very limited visibility for spotters.

words just are not quite cutting it on how this was. Billy is the tiny dot in the middle. It's big!

The North side of Peeking is a total alpine playground!

Touring over 2 more ridges to get back to the start..

At the pass above falling water, only 3000' down to go here.

JT and his dog August House... August chased some Sheep and decended a super gnarly cliffy slope. He won the sack award of the day for sure on that one.

With 8000 vertical under our feet we made it down to the car and with several days of euphoria packed away. slay.


William Finley said...

You can't hear b/c of the music... but when Todd asks "Looks a lot better from there?" your reply was "No... it doesn't look better at all."

MC said...

Um, yeah.

Big. Sheeit.

And, psweet.